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Jake on Bax
the one thing that i think of when i think of bax, which i have to to write this and don't think that's a sentence anymore.
anyway, bax makes me think of bruises. because that's what i get whenever we play. bax has what we call a rather kinetic stage presence. that means that he explodes at some point during every song. sometimes two or three times during "yellow slicker" or "drag".
what's wierd is that if you listen to a show tape, bax is pretty much on cue the whole time. regardless of the fact that he's flopping around like a mutant. he stays on cue because he's really good. really good.
bax is also the funny guy. he makes us laugh, or at least he usually gets us going so that we can all start being funny.
so if bax were an algebraeic equation, with a equalling b, bruises would be funny.

Glen on Bax
Baxter's a bundle of contradictions. He looks all skinny and wirey. But he's probably the buffest guy I know. The boy's got, like, Arnold muscles. He's also really really.... I don't know... Kinetic. He's got so much damn energy, it's really ridiculous. If you've seen us play, then you know what I mean. He doesn't stop moving for a second.
When we have band dinners at the cafeteria, he always makes a lot of noise. Sometimes, if you're lucky, someone will say something kinda funny, and he'll laugh so hard that orange juice spurts out of his nose.

Mike on Bax
When Rumpus plays a show, Bax represents. The previous sentence is almost untrue because it could be said that while Rumpus provides the "music," Baxter provides the "show." Some say he's dangerous, but I think mostly just to himself and that instrument he sometimes piledrives into the stage when he rocks out a little-teensy-weensy bit too hard. I only get that excited when I see Bax flexing each and every muscle in his body to lug his bass amp up an unthinkable number of stairs. In the context of the band, he's thought up some really creative bass parts, and adequately fills our nonsense quotient. On a personal level, I give Bax maaad props for always helping me set up my kit and all. Maybe he's counting on a little post-show backstage payback.