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Jake on Mike
mike was the last guy. the guy who came into the band after everything else was put together. like ronnie wood in the rolling stones. except mike doesn't drink as much as ronnie. and he's not as ugly. man, if i was ronnie wood, and i had all that cash, i'd do something plasticky to my huge nose. mike doesn't have a huge nose.
so he's the drummer and everything. i think he's pretty good, i guess--he definitely doesn't suck, which makes us sound a lot better than if he did.
he's a nice guy. if you're a computer dork (you must be to be paying any attention to this crap), you should e-mail him because he'd write you back. especially if you're a girl. mike likes girls. a lot.

Glen on Mike
Mike speaks in another language. I don't know what language it is, but I like to call it "Mikespeak." It involves many interjections like "phat." He also uses "shit" as a universal nown, as in "yo, check out this shit," or "yo, that shit is phatty-phat phat!" He uses the term "wack" almost to the extent that he uses "phat," except "wack" means bad. oh yeah, he uses "yo" before, and often after every sentence. One time we were sitting around, and he started a thought by saying "yo yo yo check this shit out, one two one two!"
We didn't really know what he was talking about.

Bax on Mike
He plays the drums like a tropical storm. Plus, he looks like a hard-ass while he's doing it. What could pssibly be cooler than that? Oh, Glen happened to neglect Mike's key phrase; "Rumpus represent, yo." I love that one. Anyway, Mike can be truly goofy sometimes, and those are the moments I treasure because it always takes me by surprise. Mike also has mad skills on the guitar, and has turned out a truly rad song in his time. Definitely the "renaissance man" of our little group.