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Jake on Glen
this was all glen's idea. we're doing it to humor him. because we love him.
you see, you HAVE to love glen, because he's just too fucking nice. like, if you're depressed and shit, glen listens to you and puts up with it. he's my best friend.
he's also a really good guitarist, which kind of matters because we're in a band and everything. he's all funky, which is tough with the type of music that we play, but he's really fast too. he's not fast in that wanky kind of way, like that bon jovi guy, even though they used to play the same guitar. well, not the same one, i guess, but the same type, which was a strat. but he doesn't play one anymore.
he's kind of insecure and all embarassed about his playing, which, generally is really amazing and shit. so, if you end up seeing us play or something, go up to him after and tell him how amazing he is. then come find me and i'll give you a buck or something.

Bax on Glen
Glen is perhaps the most compassionate human being I have ever met. He also has a genius for writing the phattest riffs I have ever laid ears on. It's really funny that such a talented kid has such an inferiority complex about his skills. I mean, come on, he's a demigod. He and I always share a cigarette after a show. (And I don't even smoke.) That's how cool he is. When Glen and Jake are in the groove together, its beautiful to listen to them. They transcend mere "sound." It becomes something much more beautiful.

Mike on Glen
On the musical side of things, remember, Glen is a musician first, sex symbol second. That said, his tone is phat. He can sound like Trey, which Bax and Jake hate- and I love, or Billy Corgan which makes me reach for a change of pants and Jake roll his eyes - but he always sounds like Glen. And he plays a PRS which I guess is something for all you guitah folk to nut over. Most importantly, he's too nice a guy for anyone to give him any attitude. And his mom ripped shit up with us at one gig and have us GodivaŠ chocolates after. The kindness is genetic.