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Glen on Jake
Jake's obsessive. It's not obvious to just anybody, but that man can indulge in more forms of obsession than anyone I've ever met. Calvin Klien should meet this guy.
Obsession isn't neccesarily a bad thing. If jake's obsessing over a song lyric, then odds are, when he's done it'll be pretty good. I mean, he's not, like, a freak about things. In fact, I think he obsesses about being obsessive to the point where no one can tell he's obsessing, 'cus he's, like, so obsessed. maybe I'm obsessing here...

Bax on Jake
Have you ever been kicked in the ass? I mean really kicked in the ass. Hard. Well, that's what happens when his voice hits your eardrums. It's tough and plain old balls-out. Anyway, he also has great lyrics; very honest and hard-hitting. Jake is also a genuinely nice guy, and fun to be wacky with. One time we bombed some drunk fratboys with eggs. Ask him about it sometime. Plus, he's hot. I want him. If you see him at a show, tell him he's got mad "sack." He loves to hear that shit.

Mike on Jake
Destined for supahstahdom, Jake Ide is one swell guy. I can talk to him about anything, often he doesn't want to listen. If he's ever in the mood to talk about girls, carpe diem my friend. I say this because I think he gets out all his sentiments on that subject through his lyrics. Thus if you are a wiseass who ventures there you may be told "Mike, shut the fuck up, I don't wanna hear about it." Even if your name isn't Mike. . . . He is a passionate one though, but I can't go into detail about that one without bringing up the whole "girl" thang again. And Jake wouldn't like that. An unhappy Jake is a scary sight, though still fun to talk to.